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Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Policy

Approved November 05, 2007


The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is committed to promoting gender equity and avoiding all forms of discrimination between individuals based on race, gender, age, class or religious or ethnic affiliation in all of its activities in Canada, India or anywhere else.


This policy is intended to govern the decisions and actions of the Institute’s officers, directors, members, employees, committee members, scholars and other beneficiaries.


  • To avoid and prevent the presence in any of the Institute’s activities, programmes and decision, of any form of discrimination or inequity between individuals based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, class or religious affiliation
  • To promote the equal participation of women and men in all the activities of the Institute as decision-makers in shaping the sustainable development of their societies;
  • To support the full realization of the human rights of all those involved in or affected by the activities of the Institute; and
  • To engage, when appropriate, in programmes and initiatives to reduce gender inequalities in access to and control over the resources of the Institute and the benefits of its activities.


  • Discrimination or inequity between individuals based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, class or religious affiliation is never acceptable within any of the activities, policies, and initiatives of the Institute;
  • The promotion of gender equality is an integral part of all Shastri Institute policies, programmes and projects;
  • Achieving gender equality requires the recognition that every policy, programme and project may affect women and men differently; and,
  • Achieving gender equality often requires specific measures designed to eliminate gender inequalities.


  • Gender equality will be considered explicitly in all decisions concerning the Institute’s programmes, awards, and other initiatives;
  • Training in gender equality and non-discrimination will be made available to all staff and volunteers of the Institute.
  • A procedure will be set in place internally to review and address any complaint of discrimination based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, class or religious affiliation.
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